Monday, March 7, 2011

External noise/ Internal noise

When my girlfriend would ask me if these cloths looked good on her? I really didnt respond to her because my favorite football game was one. This would be and expample of external noise.
External Noise-  physical noise, interfers with a persons ability to hear or listen.

And when she asks me to go anywhere like to the mall and I dont answer. And not responding to her what so ever. Its because I was tired. He got really mad at me for it. I said I'm sorry but I'm really tired.
Internal Noise-  where you only think of that one thing.

What went wrong in both of these situations is that I ignored her and it was all wrong of me. But, all these stuff is part of comminications. Nothing went right in these because the external noise and the internal noise was taking over my brain so i couldnt focus on the things she was asking me.

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